Forge Engine Lite

Forge Engine Lite is a free introduction to the role-playing system called the Forge Engine. It is a reduced and simplified version of the game engine, which is designed to introduce new concepts to the role-playing world.

The suite of settings that take place in a mythical 11,000 BCE ice age world are collectively called Precursor. Precursor uses a unique and focused system of play called the Forge Engine for the game so that players of all levels can enjoy the experience of role-playing. The Forge Engine has been presented in Forge Engine Lite with some adjustments, but remains mostly intact so that users of the system can 'test drive' the Forge Engine system without commitment.

Why am I doing this? Because I know that this system is unique enough to offer this free 'test drive' and still keep interest. The base system included with Forge Engine Lite just scratches the surface. The full game system includes several unique features including tying skills and experience to character age, a simple combat and skills system with numerous options to add complexity as desired, and a large number of Precursor settings offering unique environments, special effects, and beasts, just to name a few.

So enjoy Forge Engine Lite and check out the complete Precursor Rules and Settings Book when it is released.


Dustin Evermore
Creator And Author

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