Faults are a way of rounding out your character by providing personality quirks, duties or obligations, and various other "coloring". Each Fault has a listed value that can be used to purchase Benefits (see the following section). The points gained from Faults may also be used to spend on skills.

This list of Faults has been condensed to general groups rather than specific faults. For a complete list and detailed description of all of the faults available for Forge Engine, refer to the full version.

Bad Habits
These are socially unacceptable habits the character has. It might be unpleasant, such as spitting (1 point each), or gross, such as nose picking. (2 points each)

The character has a fear such as heights, spiders, water, and so on. (2 points each)

Lack Of Control
The character suffers from a lack of self-control over their actions. These can include minor issues such as uncontrollable laughter, constant talking, jealousy, or lecherous (1 point each) or more dangerous actions such as being enraged or going berserk (2 points each).

Social Barriers
The characters is often held back by some social status or condition, such as poverty or race. (2 points each)

Physical Barriers
These are physical limitations the character may have, such as blindness, missing limbs, a physical deformity, or a disabling wound. Minor barriers would include such things as missing some but not all fingers on a hand, and major barriers would be things like missing a leg or blindness. (Minor - 1 point each) (Major - 2 points each)


Benefits are the opposite of faults and can only be purchased with points gained from Faults. As with the Faults, the benefits listed with Forge Engine Lite have been generalized and the list shortened. For a complete list refer to the complete Forge Engine Rules book.

Physical Benefit
The character has a physical trait which comes in handy, such as being ambidextrous or attractive. (2 points each)

Social Benefit
Social benefits are character advantages for things like status and wealth. (2 points each)

The character has friends and other sources to call upon to aid them. (2 points each)

Special Abilities

Characters, if allowed by the GM, may be able to start with a special ability or power that is available to their race or civilization. These special abilities are specific to the different settings books available for the Precursor world.

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